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i2M musicport

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Date Added: Saturday 01 December, 2012

by Sonuus Limited

From Sound on Sound, November 2011:

"Of course, nearly every DAW package now contains a respectable pitch-to-MIDI conversion processor, so if you are content to play your potential MIDI parts as guitar lines and convert them afterwards, you don’t need a box like this at all. Personally, I find I play much better MIDI lines when I am able to hear the response of the voice as I am playing it, and therefore find real-time conversion processes far more satisfactory."

"Like the G2M V2, the i2M works straight out of the box, with most sources most of the time. With guitars it generates MIDI fast enough for expressive real-time playing and clean enough not to require hours of time spent cleaning up double triggers and spurious notes."

"The last thing I tried, noticing that there was a wind/voice option in the source instrument list, was a microphone. I can confirm that it works — you sing notes into the mic and MIDI comes out of the Sonuus."

"These highly affordable little boxes do clean, reliable real-time pitch-to-MIDI in as simple a package as you can imagine, and so long as you already know how to set up the MIDI end of things, this is as ‘plug and play’ as it gets. There will always be some editing to be done with MIDI recordings derived from guitars, with the occasional scuff or ambiguous attack generating an incorrect note or a double Note On, simply because guitars are not keyboards, and MIDI is the language of the keyboard. But I experienced very few errors, overall: no stuck notes; no long sustained notes being cut off by spurious short notes; just the occasional octave jump or random warble. In short, the Sonuus system operates well enough to do serious work. If you want easy, real-time pitch-to-MIDI and you can work with a monophonic system, I can heartily recommend these units."

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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